Our Story

The Best Practices team is a committed group of knowledgeable, experienced professionals whose sole focus is on behavioral health office management.

From answering phones and performing intake for new patients to filing insurance claims and following through on collections, the Best Practices team strives to provide the most reliable, efficient and empathetic service for therapists and their patients.

Founded in 2014, Best Practices began with one client, the LCSW wife of founder David Gold. After a life-altering event, Roberta Gold sought a greater purpose in life. She wanted to give back and chose behavioral health counseling as a means of doing that. After graduate school, internships, supervision and facility work, she opened her private practice. That’s when the real challenges began.

Dave, then semi-retired after selling a successful technology consulting business, wanted to help his wife by helping manage her business. The first big battle was with an insurance company that was regularly mishandling claims. That battle won—after painstaking research and haggling with insurance executives and legal counsel—the next struggle involved day-to-day office administration. As he worked to achieve this goal, Dave’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. If he could make such positive improvements in the administration of one therapist’s practice, he could certainly apply what he had learned and do the same for others. And other therapists quickly signed on.

Today, Best Practices continues to grow and to change lives for the better. As it was in the beginning, our goal is to free therapists from their administrative burdens so they may provide the most effective therapy to their clients and enjoy the livelihood they have earned.

Be a clinician, not an administrator.