What We Offer

Onboarding for Success

Personalized Consultation: Begin your journey with a one-on-one discussion to define your immediate and future aspirations. We focus on understanding your unique practice goals to tailor our services effectively.

Collaborative Business Planning: We partner with you to develop a strategic business plan that aligns with your vision. Our goal is to set a foundation that scales with your growth, ensuring sustainability and success.

Comprehensive Credentialing Services: We streamline the process of credentialing you with major insurers, manage your CAQH profile, and handle all necessary paperwork. Our expertise ensures you meet industry standards and regulations effortlessly.

Efficient Data Management: From the onset, we handle the integration of crucial practice details — patient demographics, insurance information, scheduling, and financials. Our team ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to focus on patient care without the administrative hassle.

Tailored Practice Forms: Receive custom-designed forms and essential documents crafted specifically for your practice’s needs. These tools are designed to streamline your operations and enhance the patient experience.


Patient Communications

New Patient Intakes

Live Phone Service: We offer dedicated phone support specifically for new patients. Our professional team is available to answer calls, ensuring that new patients receive a warm welcome the moment they reach out to your practice.

Patient-Provider Connection: We want you to see the type of patients who synchronize with your clinical interests and expertise.

Management of New Patient Processes: We conduct new patient intakes, verify insurance, and inform patients of their benefits. New patients also receive personalized email confirmations as well as text message reminders for their intake appointment.

Financial Coordination: Our team manages the collection of co-pays, deductibles, and other financial responsibilities, allowing you to focus on patient care without the awkwardness of direct billing interactions.

Claims, Payments and Accounting

Efficient Insurance Processing: We submit all insurance claims, ensuring timely and accurate billing.

Prompt Payment Assurance: Enjoy the certainty of receiving payments for all verified claims within 14 days, enhancing your cash flow and financial stability.

Competitive Rate Negotiation: We proactively negotiate competitive rates with insurers, maximizing your reimbursement potential.

Regular Financial Updates: We provide detailed financial accounting on a bimonthly basis, keeping you informed and in control of your income.

Consistent Earnings Transfers: Your earnings are securely deposited directly into your bank account every two weeks

Patient Financial Services: We oversee patient accounting, invoicing, statements and collections.

Growing your practice

Growing Your Practice

Proactive New Business Generation: We have a strong network of referral services, and we actively work to expand your patient base and enhance your practice visibility.

Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns: Utilize our direct mail marketing opportunities to reach potential clients in your community with tailored messages that resonate and engage.

Strategic Community Advertising: We help you seize local advertising opportunities, placing your services in front of the right audience at community events and in local media.

Active Peer Group Engagement: Participate in peer group activities that not only foster professional relationships but also enhance referral potential through networking with fellow healthcare providers.

Be a clinician, not an administrator.